GunPlug Passive – Impulse Plugs (requires an impression


Custom Made “Impulse Technology” Comfort Hearing Protection.

Custom made to the exact shape of your ears for ultimate comfort. Minerva ShootingPlugs suppress noise to a safe hearing level of 15dB allowing normal conversation and spatial awareness.  The level of protection automatically rises to 33dB when a shot is taken.


Custom shooting ear plugs allow you to use as much of your hearing level as possible with constant noise reduction of approximately 15dB, increasing to a maximum of 33dB when activated by sudden high noise. For higher levels of noise protection the shooting plugs with Impulse filters can be worn in conjunction with over-ear headsets.

The custom made version utilises the same proven design as our range of hearing protection with a discreet and comfortable soft silicone in-ear mould custom made to fit the wearer.
The small size of Impulse filters makes them unobtrusive and comfortable to wear, fitting easily under communications headsets or earmuffs where double protection is required.

Developed for military use the Impulse filter protects hearing from gunfire, artillery noise and impulse sounds from nail guns, drop hammers and riveting. Designed to allow air to enter the ear, this unique filter technology retains spatiality and sound directionality as required in hunting and combat situations. Unlike competing products this ventilation minimises the occlusion effect and reduces irritation within the ear canal, maximising user comfort so limiting the causes of inflammation and infection.

Custom shooting ear plugs allow you to use as much of your hearing level as possible without enhancing sound, so you won’t have to remove your shooting ear plugs when socialising between drives/stands. Initial ambient sound is only reduced by 15db. However, as soon as there is a sudden loud noise i.e. gunshot, the impulse valve closes and protects you from the harmful sound. Perfect for all forms of shooting activities such as clay, game, rifle, loading and coaching.

Our Passive plugs reduce ambient noise levels to allow for better concentration without eliminating the ability to hear speech clearly at close range. They give essential protection from the excessive sound levels of gun reports by blocking out out the damaging sound frequencies when a gun is fired.

You can be assured that there is reduced possibility of them being dislodged by the movement of your arms as the ear plugs match your ear canal exactly for a snug, secure fit. Made with medical grade materials, you’ll get a fit so good you’ll forget your wearing them.

This is our most popular gun plug choice.

Please note these are supplied as comfort plugs.  The filter is tested for conformance, the plug combination is not tested to EN352 and as such are supplied as comfort hearing protection.

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