If we haven’t managed to answer your questions in the answers below, please get in touch.

Purchase your plugs in the shop. We will be in touch to advise you on getting impressions (their will be an additional cost for this from the audiologist, usually between £25/£40).

If you are in Cornwall or able to attend one of our pop-up clinics the cost will be £20, will include a full ear health check and video otoscopy.

Wave Plugs are made from an impression of your ear, which is 3D scanned using the latest technology, so it fits precisely.  Like fingerprints, ears are very unique which is why it is difficult to achieve a good fit from an ‘off the shelf plug’

Our plugs are very secure and many surfer’s wear them without a cord. However, we can not guarantee they will stay in if you take a big impact.  There is the option of a detachable cord, some people opt for the cord until they are confident it can be removed.  

The cords are particularly popular with the RNLI and coaches who like to wear the plugs around their neck when not in the water.

Wave Plugs are super soft and comfy.  The material we use is a clinical grade silicone used to make high powered hearing aids which have to be worn all day. If you have any problems with comfort we ask you let us know straightaway.  If you do this within three weeks of receiving your plugs and we can’t get it right for you we will offer your money back.

Tests show the plugs attenuate sound by 3dB, which is very little.  You should be able to have a conversation wearing your plugs.

Due to the anatomical structure of the ear it is not always possible to get a water tight seal,  however our aim is to achieve this.   We take every step possible in the impression process and manufacturing process to achieve the best fit possible.  If you have any concerns over the seal of your plugs please let us know within three weeks.  We can add an extra layer of lacquer which will make the plug more snug and usually resolves any problems.

Yes, we work with Greg from No Limits wetsuits, a small family business in Porthcawl, South Wales, who produce our neoprene pouches from wetsuit offcuts.  Each pouch is carefully handmade and comes in a rainbow of colours depending on which neoprene has been in demand.

We 3D scan your impressions which means, you can order replacements without the expense of visiting an audiologist.  The plugs will also be slightly cheaper.  Unlike off the shelf plugs, you do not need to order a pair if you only need one.

Simply, purchase your plugs in the shop.  You will receive email instructions of how to get your impressions (please note there is an extra charge payable to the audiologist, approximately £30 depending on the area you are in).  Once you have your impressions you can post them to us at Wave Plugs Newquay.  If you have any questions or queries please get in touch hello@waveearplugs.com 07811 809504

If you are able to visit us at our sister company www.themicrosuctionclinics.com (based throughout Cornwall) we will take your impressions for a discounted cost of £20. Just visit the link above to book your impression slot or give us a call 07811 809504

Wave Plugs are designed to durable and can last up to 8/10 years.  After which time it is probable your ears will have changed shape and it will be time for new impressions. You will know when this is necessary as the plugs will start to feel a little loose.

The filters are designed to be replaceable, if you find they are damaged or you’re not hearing as clearly through the plug it would be advisable to replace the filter.

An impression is a cast of the ear.  It involves putting a little foam stopper in the ear canal to protect your ear.  Soft impression material is then gently placed in the canal and outer ear.  It takes five minutes to set.  It is quite safe and not uncomfortable.

Absolutely, we post outside the UK.  For more information please email us hello@waveearplugs.com

Our plugs have not been clinically tested for diving and we can not recommend them.  

They have been worn up to depths of ten meters and the filter has allowed equalizing.  However, caution should always be taken.  If the filter is blocked the plug will replicate a solid plug and an air pocket will form between the plug and the eardrum, potentially causing barotrauma (burst eardrum)

Yes, it is important to protect childrens as well as adults’ ears.  

As children are growing it is likely they will need replacements every couple of years until they stop growing.

If your plugs don’t fit properly please notify us within three weeks.  Our manufacturers will make adjustments free of charge within this time. Adjustments made after this time frame may incur and additional charge

The lead time for our plugs is approximately three to four weeks. We offer a priority service (7 working days)  at a cost of £28.

No, the filter prevents the occlusion effect which can upset the vestibular system.  Unlike solid plugs you shouldn’t have any problems with balance

Surfer’s Ear (exostosis) is where abnormal bone growths form within the ear canal.  They develop when temperatures below nineteen degrees flush in and out of the canal.  This can be wind and water.

The development of Surfer’s Ear is subjective and there is no set time.  For some it may only be a few years and we are seeing an increasing number of children with early onset.  Unfortunately, Surfer’s Ear does not usually present until advanced stages and often people do not know it is present, which is why it is always advisable to have your ears checked every couple of years if you are regularly in the water.

Yes, the best defense against surfer’s ear is keeping the ear warm and stopping temperatures from flushing in and out.  The best way to achieve this is to wear a plugs.  The best fit will be achieved from a custom plug which replicates the exact shape of your ear.

Yes, by wearing ear protection you are much less likely to be introducing bacteria into the canal.  You are also less likely to get water trapping, which can lead to infection.

Yes, the best defense against surfer’s ear is keeping the ear warm and stopping temperatures from flushing in and out.  The best way to achieve this is to wear a plugs.  The best fit will be achieved from a custom plug which replicates the exact shape of your ear.

Repeated exposure to chlorinated and salt water can irritate the ear canal.  The ear canal is then more vulnerable to inflammation and sensitivity.  Wearing Wave Plugs will stop this.