about us

Wave Plugs is a based in Newquay Cornwall
providing custom ear protection
for water users. 

What sets us apart  is our expert knowledge and passion to promote good ear health

Our plug was developed in 2018 by Audiologist, Tom Brown, after his research showed surfer’s weren’t wearing plugs because of fit, comfort and the inability to hear.  Tom wanted to provide water users with a custom ear plug which was comfortable and they could hear through.  As a result he engineered the acoustic filter and plug we use today.

Tom moved to New Zealand in 2019 but passed on his design to fellow audiologist Julie Jolley (JJ) in the hope it would benefit water users in the UK.

JJ is passionate about ear health and educating water users about the importance of wearing ear protection whilst enjoying the water.  Working as an Audiologist alongside ENT at the Royal Cornwall Hospitals she has seen many sufferers of surfer’s and swimmer’s ear, a debilitating but preventable condition.  Her aim is to raise awareness and encourage people to think about the effect cold temperatures have on the ear canal and ultimately avoid nasty ear infections, hearing loss and surgery by wearing plugs.

Julie is continuously working within the community to ‘spread the work’ on ear health and ear protection.  She has worked with, RNLI members, Surf Life Saving Clubs, local business and the British Museum of Surfing and taken part in podcasts to raise awareness.  She is looking forward to working with the University of Newquay and there FdSc Surf Science students this spring.


Looking at getting involved and spreading awareness around ear health and the ocean in your community? Get in touch, we can host clinics in you area, provide ear health checks and custom ear protection.

All we need is a small space to set up a laptop and our video otoscope (a little camera that allows you to see inside the ear canal)

Clinics are held free of charge and hosted by us, all we ask is a share on social media to let the locals know!


Unlike the name, Surfer’s Ear, the condition doesn’t discriminate. Wave Plugs is a product for all water enthusiasts, swimmers, kitesurfers, kayakers, SUP, bodyboarders, wakeboarders and every other sport that involves being in the water.

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